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James Brennan Operations Support


A great addition to the operations support staff, Jimmy has quickly become a valuable member of the team.  Jimmy ensures that our meeting rooms are set as requested and offers a friendly face to greet our guests as they enter the City Center.  He is a huge Stars Wars buff and has seen all the movies, but his favorite is The Empire Strikes Back, for the many memorable lines and quotes.  When Jimmy is not making sure the force remains with the City Center team he enjoys spending time with his family.

Favorite Quote: “A man’s character is his fate”- Heraclitus

Kaylee Voight Operations & Housekeeping Support


Kaylee can notice a spot that needs to be cleaned from a mile away! Kaylee’s passion for creating an impeccable first impression when guests enter the City Center keeps the building sparkling. Kaylee never stops moving and you know she is on the job as you hear her humming while she’s cleaning. When Kaylee is not making the City Center shine she enjoys reading, going to the gym, hiking and of course- organizing a closet.

Favorite Quote: “Believe you can and you’re halfway there” – Theodore Roosevelt

Rinnieco Nelson Jr. Operations Support


Rinnie’s love of African Art is just one of his passions. After 13 years of being part of the operations team he is a well-respected and important member of the City Center family. Rinnie assist the operations team with the accurate and efficient set-up of the building, cleanliness and making sure our clients have a positive experience. In addition to enjoying African art he is a history buff. One of Rinnie’s favorite movies is the historical epic, Kingdom of Heaven, telling the story of Balian of Ibelin who travels to Jerusalem during the crusades of the 12th century, finding himself as the defender of the city and its people.

Favorite Quote: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everwhere.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Terence Gonzalez Operations Support


After 30 years Terrance IS the City Center to many of our repeat clients.  Terence or “T”, as his friends know him, is the epitome of hospitality.  The adjectives often used to describe T are, friendly, accommodating, helpful and responsive. A few minutes with T and you know he loves people and he loves being in the hospitality industry.  In addition to being an “ambassador” for City Center, Terence assist the operations team with the accurate and efficient set-up of the building, cleanliness and making sure our clients have a positive experience.  When he is not spreading sunshine Terence enjoys fishing and spending time with his grandchildren.

Favorite Quote: “I Have A Dream”- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Ed Cuerdon Operations Support


Since November of 1999 Ed has been supporting the clients of the Saratoga City Center. Ed has provided building support for many New York State managed venues. Ed supports City Center clients during events by making sure the building remains tidy and room set-ups are accurate. In Ed’s earlier years he attended Fort Bliss in Texas for basic training, Ed list Patton as one of his favorite movies. When Ed is not keeping the City Center organized he enjoys spending time with his family, camping and going to antique fairs and flea markets. Ed has a rare collection of Utica Club and Budweiser beer steins.

Favorite Quote: “The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good” – Samuel Johnson