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Internet and Phone Services Spa.Net LLC is the exclusive provider of Internet and Phone service at the Saratoga Springs City Center

To order service, please contact:

Domenic D’Andrea or Rich Richbart

Phone: 518-581-0690
Fax: 518-583-1190

Please be prepared to provide the following information when placing an order.  Name of Event (Association/Organization) 

  • Date of Event 
  • Name of person ordering service 
  • Billing address of Organization ordering service 
  • Phone number of Organization ordering service 
  • Fax number of Organization ordering service 
  • Email address of Organization/Person ordering service 
  • Is this for a Trade Show – if so Booth # 
  • Is this for a Seminar Presentation – if so date/time/room 
  • Other internet usage required 
  • Service Ordered:
    • 1. Internet 
      • How many devices 
      • Will you require a public IP 
      • Do you need a network adapter
    • 2. Phone 
      • Number of lines 
      • Credit Card Capacity


In order to ensure service, your order must be placed 3-4 weeks in advance. “Floor or on-site” orders will be accommodated on availability and on a “first-come, first served” basis; special pricing may apply.

Due to the current business challenges being experienced by the hospitality industry we strongly encourage you to secure your event partners well ahead of your scheduled event.  This is especially true for catering and decorating services.