Parking Facility


The new facility, located between Maple and High Rock Avenues, has secure covered parking for over 620 vehicles. The building features a pedestrian bridge on Level 3 over Maple Avenue that leads directly into the City Center.  A security guard is on premise at all times to offer an added level of safety.

The City Center parking facility is a designated CDTA Trolley Stop for anyone interested in heading to the track.

The facility offers a pay per park system with the first hour of parking free, with each additional hour being $2.00, up to a per day maximum of $15.00.

Please note entrance and exits are located on Level 2 (Maple Ave.) and the Ground floor (High Rock Ave.)  The maximum height of both entrances is 8′ 2″.  Vehicles with trailers may be able to be accommodated in the exterior, flat lot on the Maple Ave section in the designated longer spaces.  Advanced authorization is required.

A limited number of yearly parking passes are now available for purchase.  These can be reserved by contacting Derek Masterson at or calling 518-584-0027 or simply fill out the application here.

More detailed information regarding use of the parking structure can be found here.