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As we are all aware, parking in Saratoga can often be quite a challenge. Over the past 10 years the City Center Authority has been diligently working for approval to build a parking structure. After many administrative and legal set-backs we are pleased to announce we are beginning construction. Once completed, the parking structure will provide approximately 600 paid spaces for events and the community.

The structure will be sited on the current City of Saratoga High Rock parking lot (east of the City Center). The City Center Maple Avenue parking lot will remain as is, and will be available throughout construction.

The Saratoga Springs City Center continually strives to upgrade our venue and to be a community partner while hosting events in Saratoga. We appreciate your continued support during this time and through the construction.

Flat Rock Parking Facility Amenities:
Approximately 600 pay per day parking spots
Pedestrian bridge connected to the City Center
Electric car re-charging stations
Security phones with direct dial to the Saratoga Springs Police Department
Overnight security guard on premise
Continuation of the Green Belt Trail
Manicured park space

We will continue to update any information as it becomes available.