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Governance and Mission & Minutes

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Authority Board of Directors

Ryan E. McMahonExecutive Director
Tom RoohanChairman
Richard L. HigginsVice Chairman
Roger GoldsmithSecretary
Rosemary RatcliffDirector
Dorothy Rogers-BullisDirector
Steve SullivanDirector
Shaun WigginsDirector
Mayor Meg KellyEx-Officio
Darryl LeggieriEx-Officio - Saratoga Convention and Tourism Bureau
David HarperCity Center Attorney


City Center Authority

City Center Authority Mission Statement

Enacting Legislation 06-24-82


City Center Authority Code of Ethics 11-26-07

FOIL Policy

Organization Chart


2020 Authority Meetings (subject to change)


Annual Reports

Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2015

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2018


Annual Budget

Annual Budget 2014

Annual Budget 2015

Annual Budget 2016

Annual Budget 2017

Annual Budget 2018 

Annual Budget 2019

Annual Budget 2020


Monthly Agenda and Minutes

Monthly Agenda and Minutes 2013

Monthly Agenda and Minutes 2014

Monthly Agenda and Minutes 2015

Monthly Agenda and Minutes 2016

Monthly Agenda and Minutes 2017

Monthly Agenda and Minutes 2018

Monthly Agenda and Minutes 2019

Monthly Agenda and Minutes 2020

Audit Reports

Audit Report 2012

Audit Report 2013

Audit Report 2014

Audit Report 2015

Audit Report 2016

Audit Report 2017

Audit Report 2018


State Mandates

Annual Investment Report and Audit Report

Internal Controls

Procurement Guidelines

Property Guidelines

Fixed Assets