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Saratoga Springs City Center Exhibitor Guidelines


If you intend to ship your booth display/materials in advance, it must be shipped to and received by your Show Decorator for delivery to the City Center on setup day.

Any shipment arriving at the City Center prior to the set-up day will be refused.

Arrangements for out-going shipments must be made in advance with the Decorator. Any unclaimed items must be removed by the Decorator at vendor’s cost, or be considered abandoned and will be discarded.


Unloading and Loading

Please refer to the Load In & Load Out map tab. Carts are available at points 1, 2 and 3. Use of the Main Entrances on Ellsworth Jones Place, Point 4, is limited to hand carried items only! Every exhibitor must move their vehicle from the load-in location to the designated parking area immediately after unloading.


Exhibitor Parking

The City Center Parking Lot and the City Lot are accessed from Maple Avenue, on the east side of the City Center. Parking based on availability.


IT Communication Services / Phone Lines

Limited free wifi is available. Please ask your Event Coordinator for network and password information. Any other internet connections and /or phone lines must be ordered in advance directly from SPA.NET at 581-0690 or events@spa.net.


Food Guidelines

Vendors must obtain advance approval from the City Center for the distribution and or sale of any food or beverages.

No alcoholic beverages or age controlled substance may be served, distributed or offered as a raffle item by any vendor.


Decorator Services

The Decorator is responsible for providing booth equipment according to the terms specified by your event contract.

The distribution of power is managed by the Decorator. It is advised to bring your own 12 or 14 gauge extension cords (25’ minimum ) and power strips.

Vendors requiring 220V electrical service are restricted to limited areas of the City Center. Service must be arranged in advance with Decorator.


Exhibit Booth Parameters

All contents and promotional materials must be contained within the confines of your booth space.

The City Center does not provide storage space for crates, palettes, boxes, etc.

No items shall be attached (taped, tacked, etc.) or propped up against any City Center walls.

Fire Code states “No combustible materials such as pine boughs or hay bales are allowed to be used in the City Center.”

No helium balloons may be distributed to Expo attendees. No compressed gas allowed.

Vehicles must be placed on wood wheel boards per specifications of the City Center.

No Armor All or similar cleaning or shining product may be used inside the City Center at any time.

The City Center flooring must be protected from displays containing cinderblock, stone, steel, dirt, water, etc. The vendor is responsible for any floor damage to their booth space that occurs during the show.

At no time does the City Center/staff take care, custody and/or control of vendors/exhibitors equipment and/or decorators equipment, products or display items.